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Serving Our Customers DEPENDABLY Since 1917
Company Profile

Antaky Quilting Co. is a 3rd generation quilter, established in New York in 1917 by Elias Antaky Sr. In 1949, the company moved to Los Angeles and is now owned by Eli Jr. and Derek Antaky. Antaky Quilting Co. is operating out of a 80,000 sq ft. facility in Los Angeles, California.

Antaky Quilting Co. has many years of experience specializing in the textile industry and now entering in the mattress industry. We have combined our efforts to provide a specialty service. We are focused on quality and reliable service to our customers. The ownership of Antaky Quilting Co. is the management of the company. This management style is hands on, which allows us to meet all of our customer expectations.

Our manufacturing facility is equipped with state of the art technology. We maintain our equipment at optimal performance. All of our equipment is designed to handle the various types of fabrics we receive from the textile and mattress trades. For the textile trade, we use wide width lock stitch machines and for the mattress trade, the latest Gribetz Paragon M4 chain stitch machines, capable of turning out hundreds of patterns.

With a capacity to quilt thousands of yards per day, Antaky Quilting Co. is large enough to handle large size orders and small enough to give the extra attention that is needed to provide superior customer service.


Antaky Quilting Company
1849 E. 50th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90058
Phone: (323) 233-2500 Fax: (323) 233-2570

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